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Welcome to the Atlantic Canada Products and Services Directory for use by Atlantic Canadians working in the Water & Wastewater Industry. provided by the ABEA (learn more)...

ABEA Grant Program

ABEA “Annual ACWWA Conference” Attendance Grant

The ABEA is a body made up of 40+ members (suppliers) who have, as their joint goals, the desire to:

–  Promote understanding and goodwill
–  Encourage and stimulate the exchange of ideas
–  Acquire and disseminate information
–  Provide funding
–  Foster relationships amongst members and between associations
–  Encourage fair and ethical ventures
–  Promote member products / services

With these goals in mind, the ABEA has challenged itself to establish a platform to continue supporting the ACWWA, and those members who would benefit most from the Annual Conference, but are limited due to economic challenges.

Please see our PDF document for further details on eligibility and how to apply.