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Welcome to the Atlantic Canada Products and Services Directory for use by Atlantic Canadians working in the Water & Wastewater Industry. provided by the ABEA (learn more)...

This Product & Services Directory is published by the Atlantic Branch Equipment Association as a means to assist you in pinpointing the manufacturers / suppliers of the products or services you are most interested in.

The directory will minimize your searching efforts and is very simple to use. Above you will see a navigation tool for the directory. This tool will allow you to get a list of member companies that provide the product or service you are looking for, view member companies alphabetically, or search the directory for a specific company name, city, representative, etc.

We hope that you are able to make valuable use of the directory. If you would like to share your comments on the directory, please do not hesitate to contact the main ABEA office.

Good luck and Enjoy;
ABEA Board

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